Friday 13th May     Andrew Rumsey - English grounds
Saturday 25th June     Pioneer Practice Event
Andrew Rumsey - English Grounds a Pastoral Journal

St Luke's Prestonville
64 Old Shoreham Road

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An evening of readings and songs by Andrew Rumsey and friends focussing on the importance of place in grounding our spirituality and sense of identity. Copies of Andrews latest book will be on sale.

English Grounds takes the reader on an exploration of faith, place and identity. Focusing on the author's home in Wiltshire, as he arrives to take up an ancient role in a testing time, English Grounds is both an affirmation and critique of this country's Christian heritage. Together the essays challenge us to think more deeply about the place of the Church in the consciousness of the English, and the place of England in the consciousness of the Church.
Andrew Rumsey is the Bishop of Ramsbury and the lead singer and songwriter of the Effras.