19th December     Hut 341 - Hove Seafront
20th December     Hut 437 - Hove Lagoon
21st December     Hut 11 - Hove Lawns
22nd December     Hut 362 - Hove Seafront
1st-24th December     Beach Hut Advent Calendar
20th Hut of the Beach Hut Advent Calendar

Hove Lagoon

You can buy a beach hut themed advent calendar here - suitable for any year


Every night from 1st-24th December a single beach hut will open with an art installation on the theme - Follow the Star. Come and enjoy the art, have a warming drink and a mince pie and be inspired to follow the light of Christ this Advent season.

There will be a star marking the hut that is open each night and an opportunity to collect a piece of a unique souvenir puzzle to remind you of this seafront pilgrimage.
This event was created in 2008 and was the first in the world and 2018 will be the final BEYOND Beach Hut Advent Calendar. If you are interested in helping with the continuation of this event please email info@beyondchurch.co.uk